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Integrated Security Systems, LLC – Our goal is to provide peace of mind by offering customized integrated security solutions. We strive to partner with our clients in understanding their business aspirations to ensure the fulfillment of their current and future plans and goals. At ISS, we demand and deliver quality at every level of our organization for the benefit of our customers. Security integration goes well beyond cutting edge technology. Integrated Security System Professional Services can provide an integration plan that incorporates security related policy and procedure, staff training with security technology integration.  

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We provide our clients with comprehensive, professional, and quality-designed security services. We also build customized security systems that are scalable and able to accommodate any technological solution.

Using the five-step model shown here, we create an active partnership with clients, leading to a long-term and secure relationship.

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It is important to note that the Insurance Information Institute has found nearly 40% of all businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster event never reopen because of a lack of preparedness.

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Security Vulnerability Assessments

Integrated Security Systems, LLC provides a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) using adept industry experts to identify vulnerable areas and gauge risk. ISS starts with guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security to focus on human, physical and cyber assets. We go beyond those standards by reviewing security related policies and procedures, conducting staff interviews, and providing security related training. Included in the SVA is a detailed assessment, trend analysis, and an Executive Summary, which provides an abridged synopsis useful for stakeholders.

Policy & Procedure Development

ISS reviews your organization’s current policies and procedures to ensure you are meeting current industry standards, best practices, training, and technology procedures. We develop policy and procedure documentation and action plans to work seamlessly with all security training and technology.

Training Management Planning & Implementation

ISS specializes in developing a comprehensive Training Management Plan (TMP) involving all security-related technology and procedures. Whether it’s proper use of a surveillance system or staff response to an armed intruder, ISS works with your organization to create a training program, provide training, or recertify employees on current programming. This TMP ensures that employees are aware of and skilled in carrying out the facility security plan.

Emergency Operations Planning

ISS provides security solutions and services ensuring your clients have access to the products, solutions, and services that you provide. This requirement may grow exponentially during a crisis event. It is vital to protect your most critical resources: your employees, clients, and assets. An extensive crisis event, such as a natural disaster, may not only affect your clients but business operations at your facility. With planning, preparation, and staff training for crisis response, coupled with an ISS Business Continuity Plan, your organization can quickly resume business operations which benefits everyone involved. 

Why Choose ISS Professional Services?

  • Experienced Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Professionals on staff
  • Industry leaders in comprehensive security solutions
  • Proudly provide services rooted in Quality, Value and Accountability
  • Experienced staff use a team approach to provide a Total Security Solution for your organization
  • Proactive approach to security solutions and integration which mitigates vulnerabilities and risk
  • The ISS goal is to develop a partnership with your firm for a long-term secure relationship
  • Crisis Response Services available 24/7

Benefits with ISS Professional Services?

  • Independent third party evaluation of your security program
  • Provide a scalable budgeting and implementation plan
  • Reduce risk and security vulnerabilities
  • Knowing that the best security solution is in place for employees, visitors, and assets
  • A partnership and understanding of your security needs

To learn more about how our Total Security Solution can be of value to your organization, or to schedule a Security Vulnerabilities Assessment, you can click here to fill out our contact form, or please call 855.572.SAFE (7233) or email