Integrated Security Systems - CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Intrusion Systems, and more


We work hard to stay experts in our field by continuously training our team and researching the latest security solutions.

Technical Expertise

Video Surveillance
We have direct experience in setting up and installing multiple network video recording (NVR) IP-based systems. The typical head end design includes servers and storage based on the client’s requirements.  These requirements are often determined as corrective steps stemming from the completed Threat and Vulnerability Assessment. The equipment specified includes multi-server, high-availability hardware, coupled with the operating system and video management application software.

Access Control
OnGuard Access is an advanced access control application that includes a feature-rich alarm monitoring module. IP-enabled controllers allow the application to extend easily to all parts of the enterprise with the appropriate degree of security at the door. ISS works with the most advanced technologies available and has built our reputation as the world’s number one provider of electronic access control on the promise of delivering the most innovative access control solutions for installations of any size.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
We employ field tested industry standards methodologies to capture and assess the environment, geography and physical structure to determine multiple levels of threats and remediation steps to employ in order to reduce the assessed risk level.